This is it, It’s Either All Or Nothing At All For Tadmax


By Francis Fernandez

:This is it for MyStock 118’s next big thing. The stock must perform this week, or its not going to fly at all.
So what will it be? Will Tadmax road like a lion, or will it just wither away like a sheep?
Mystock118 is supremely confident that Tadmax will deliver and deliver big this week.
Part of that confidence stems from Datuk Anuar Adam ‘s intention to deal in the securities of Tadmax.
The way, Mystock 118 view things is either the former army men is going to start selling Tadmax shares or he is going to start buying those shares big time.
This is it for Tadmax. Time for talk is over. Time for excuses are dead.
You must perform or you must die. There is no way out for those who have been harping on Tadmax.
Either it’s supporters such as Mystock118 are going to have egg all over our face, or we are going to come out smelling like a bunch of fresh roses before this week is dead

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