After 1MDB Shame, How Low Can You Go, That Even Monkeys Can Steal Top Secret Military Documents.


, Aug 2 ― A group of monkeys have reportedly stolen confidential military documents at the Terendak Camp in .

The Star reported today that the monkeys overpowered a postman who was on his routine rounds at the garrison camp and grabbed the documents from him.

In just a few seconds later, the monkeys had climbed some trees and made off with their loot.

The report added that the animals had injured the 33-year-old postman, and that authorities now face a daunting task in tracking down them down.

A police report on the matter has been lodged.

Malacca’s National Park and Wildlife Department’s director Noorzakiahanum Mohd Noh said the monkeys at the army camp could get a “bit mischievous”, and that they were bold and aggressive.

“There have been previous cases of attacks at the army camp, school and even the mosque inside the camp,” she said when contacted by The Star.

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