APFT in talks with government for helicopter pilot training

Flight training company APFT Bhd, is currently in talks with a government agency in for helicopter pilot training program.

With the company’s good track record in providing training of helicopter cadets to the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (Bomba), the existing deal is expected to give a competitive advantage in the negotiation with government agency in Malaysia, APFT said in Bursa Malaysia recent filing.

APFT operated Malaysia’s leading flight education and training academy, the Asia Flight Training Academy (APFTA), located at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport in Kelantan.

APFT had been providing training of helicopter cadets to Bomba since 2012 and the agency granted a new contract on 26 October 2014 for extension up to November 2017 for the training of helicopter cadets.

On earnings, APFT generated revenue of RM20,644 million and loss before taxation of RM4,048 million for the quarter ended 31 2017.

The loss before tax of RM4,048 million was mainly due to decrease in revenue contribution from the flight training division, the exchange filing said.

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