Palette Multimedia, United Crest Healthcare jointly signed first two medical centers in Taipei

Palette Multimedia Bhd, a a leading wireless networking and mobile healthcare company and United Crest Healthcare Pte Ltd have jointly signed its
first two medical centers in Taipei, making its penetration into the Taiwanese market.

The company has signed up the private breast cancer center, New England Clinic and a private heart center, Joyage Precision Medicine.

The New England Clinic is a breast cancer specialist center founded by Dr. PJ Huang, who is a specialist graduated from Harvard University in the United States of and has been working in Brigham Woman Hospital.

The center is equipped with the dedicated breast MRI machine that specialises in early detection of breast cancer.

Taiwan has one of the best medical service in Asia and the healthcare is largely funded by the Government.

Generally, specialists are working in large public hospitals and there are very limited number of specialist centers operating privately.

With the i-medic, video images of the breast in great detail can be uploaded into the Cloud along with all other vital signs, and it is easier for tracking and
comparison of the development of the breast before the formation of any lesion.

New England Clinic and Joyage Precision Medicine is also setting up mobile health center and expected to have good business in Taiwan.


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