Value-added services the way forward for Malaysian manufacturers: Survey

: Value-added services, such as 3D printing, are a way for Malaysian manufacturers to stand out from the competition, according to a 2017 UPS Industrial Buying Dynamics survey.

In a statement, UPS, the global leader in logistics, said the survey results revealed early signs of buyers’ willingness to switch to suppliers offering 3D printing services.

“3D printing as a service is perceived to add a level of attractiveness in the form of high quality, customisation, and ability to satisfy emergency fulfilments.

“Malaysian manufacturers with the resources to invest in 3D printing as a service can leverage on this emerging trend to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded marketplace,” it added.

The UPS Industrial Buying Dynamics study was conducted in December 2016 with 2,500 industrial supply purchasers in , Europe (the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany) and the United States, including decision makers or strong influencers.

The survey suggested Malaysian manufacturers can take action in five other key areas to appeal to industrial buyers across the US, China, and Europe –
e-commerce, personal touchpoints, post-sales, quality and reputation.

“By understanding the behaviour and perception of industrial buyers in these three key markets, manufacturers in can better plan and prioritise international ,” UPS said.

The survey also revealed that though online purchasing is becoming more popular, in-person relationships are still important for Malaysian manufacturers expanding their businesses overseas. – Bernama

Source: The Sun Daily

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