[Breaking News] U.S. biggest storm Irma makes landfall in the Florida Keys


The U.S.’s biggest storm in the year – has finally arrived. The ’s eye is moving over the Florida Keys, and Key West is seeing sustained winds of 71 mph and gusts of 90 mph, according to the latest USA National Hurricane Center reports.

The Key West Weather Service Forecast Office reported a 91 mph gust.


Maggie Howes, a first responder in Key Haven, is hunkered down right now as Irma moves through the Florida Keys.

“It’s the worst storm I’ve have been through myself personally,” she told CNN by phone.

Though Howes is a first responder, she cannot answer calls for help right now as wind gusts are too strong and it isn’t safe.

There are curently more than 750,000 customers across 19 counties in south and central Florida are without power as of 9 a.m. ET, according to Florida Power and Light.

That’s about 15.8% of the more than 4.7 million customers.

More than 450,000 of customers without power are from the Miami-Dade area.

Source: CNN

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