PUC, Doctor2U app developer to jointly promote blockchain tech for healthcare sector

PETALING JAYA: PUC Bhd is looking to collaborate with Ali Health Sdn Bhd to jointly promote blockchain technology and other related solutions to the healthcare industry.

Incorporated in 2014, Ali Health is in the technology services business for the healthcare industry. It is the developer and exclusive owner of the medical mobile application Doctor2U.

In a filing with Bursa today, PUC said its wholly owned subsidiary PUC () Sdn Bhd has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ali Health to; build an information sharing platform among medical institutions, regulators and institutions; as well as provide safe and basic data for medical institutions for purposes of internal performance evaluation, data regulatory decisions, big data analysis and other applications.

The two parties also aim to meet the needs of external data interaction and allow sharing of tamper-resistant and permanent data with regulatory and insurance institutions, and eliminate repetitive verification work; and make the audit work of the regulator(s) smoother and more efficient while reducing the audit time of the insurance institution and improving efficiency of medical insurance claims.

Under the MoU, the parties will jointly carry out feasibility study to ascertain the feasibility and/or commercial viability of the project.

PUC said the MoU will provide an opportunity for both parties to establish a collaboration based on PUC Malaysia’s expertise and readily available resources to provide blockchain technology and related solutions, and Ali Health’s Doctor2U platform.

PUC said it has developed new initiatives under its technology business segment in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cyber-security and financial technology.

The duration of the MoU is 12 months or until the execution of the definitive collaboration agreement, whichever comes first.

PUC’s fell 5.41% or 1 sen to close at 17.5 sen today with a total of 13.96 million shares traded.

Source: The Sun Daily

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