BIMB Investment launches world’s first ESG sukuk fund

: BIMB Investment Management Bhd this morning launched the BIMB ESG Fund and is targeting a take-up of RM150 million in a year for the fund.

The BIMB ESG Sukuk Fund is the world’s first , social and governance (ESG) sukuk fund and the first syariah sukuk fund in approved under the Sustainable Responsible Investing guidelines introduced in December 2017.

The fund is the first fund of its kind in the world that integrates the principles of ESG criteria into the investment portfolio strategy to determine company performance to select best performing companies in both financial and non-financial performance, with respect to sukuk return and credit risk profile.

BIMB Investment CEO Najmuddin Mohd Lutfi said the fund offers corporate and retail investors a potential stable annual income stream and an opportunity for capital appreciation over the medium to long term by investing in local and global sukuk.

It is offered for subscription in the ringgit, and dollar at 0.25 cents per unit during the initial offer period from Aug 1 till 21.

Source: The Sun Daily

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