SilTerra to help set up RM2.9b wafer fabrication plant in Beijing

: Khazanah Nasional Bhd-owned semiconductor firm SilTerra Sdn Bhd has been selected as a key strategic partner by ’s Beijing Yandong Microelectronics Co Ltd (YDME) to set up an 4.8 billion yuan (RM2.9 billion) 8-inch wafer fabrication plant in Beijing.

YDME is a subsidiary of Beijing Electronic Holding Company (BEHC), a state-owned high-tech enterprise that has developed into one of China’s leading integrated circuit and device manufacturers.

The new YDME fabrication plant, is listed as one of 20 key projects of the Beijing Science and Technology Creation Centre in 2018. It is earmarked to serve as an integrated chip production plant integrating 8-inch chip research and development, manufacturing and packaging.

Since 2016, YDME has engaged SilTerra to provide multi-tier strategic consultancy that includes planning, design and construction of the fabrication plant, setting up of the IT and quality assurance system as well as technology integration.

Covering 73,260 square meters, the plant is expected to be in operation by the first quarter of 2019 and estimated to generate a monthly output of 50,000 wafers per month. SilTerra recently completed the training of 81 engineers and managers who are intended for the new plant.

SilTerra CEO Firdaus Abdullah said almost all key staff who will be working at the new YDME plant will go through three months of intensive training at its Kulim plant.

“It is a testimony to our 20 years of experience and know-how on independently running a fabrication plant and shows that a Malaysian company has been recognised as achieving standards high enough to be consulted on by companies.

“We’re happy to play a role in fulfilling China’s chip dream. We will also be transferring SilTerra process IP (intellectual property) to manufacture new chips. This partnership will open up new opportunities for SilTerra to play a more active role in the emerging China market for advanced microelectronics,” Firdaus said in a statement.

YDME CEO Dr Huai Yong Ji said it is delighted to partner SilTerra in this new role as a consulting partner, having worked with the company since 2016 on the 8-inch fabrication plant.

“The expansion of our existing capability to the new 8-inch fab using SilTerra’s technology is an important component of our growth plans, not only in terms of improving Yandong’s overall level of technological innovation, but also in promoting the integrated circuit industry in China and achieving the targeted national output of US$305 billion by 2030.

“In addition, SilTerra has supplied chips to our subsidiary companies utilising Silterra’s proprietary process technology in the areas of LCD drivers, MOSFET, RFLDMOS and BCD. Moving forward we will have more opportunity to collaborate in many areas,” said Huai.

Commenting on SilTerra’s future direction, Firdaus said SilTerra is on track to producing higher valued products and services such as in the areas of life sciences, internet of things (IOT) and automotive.

“To achieve this, SilTerra embarked on an internal transformation process which began a few years ago. Externally, we have begun an initiative to build an ecosystem amongst manufacturers and like minded partners to support each other as we collectively develop skills and capability to address emerging markets and develop advanced technology.”

He added that SilTerra is on a path of transformation, and its advisory role in cross border technology transfer is just a start of things to come.

Source: The Sun Daily

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