Defence Ministry to lodge MACC report on remaining 14 land-swap projects


(May 16): The Defence Ministry said today it will lodge a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) on the remaining 14 land-swap projects involving tracts owned by the ministry. The ministry said this is to protect the nation’s sovereignty and ensure failure of such schemes do not recur.

Mohd Nasaie Ismail, who is special duties officer to the defence minister, said in a statement today the investigative committee for government revenue, finance administration on the land-swap projects in the country had earlier investigated 16 land-swap projects involving the ministry.

He said findings on the 16 projects showed the government lost an estimated RM515.21 million due to factors including time extension of projects, which were not completed.

“Our concern is the government not only loses money but the nation’s strategic defence position is also affected due to the failure of the projects,” Mohd Nasaie said.

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