Investors wary of Europe’s stimulus status

Fundamental outlook THE European Central Bank (ECB) has retained its monetary stance but investors are worried about the region’s economic prospects as the central bank dials back its monetary stimulus pledge. The US payroll grew beyond forecast, signalling a possible rate hike soon. China regained its consumer inflation growth. The US ISM services index grew […]

Xi’s warning to investors: Any Chinese billionaire may fall

BEIJING, March 2 — President Xi Jinping’s government has fired another warning shot at global dealmakers doing business with Chinese billionaires: Not even the most well-connected tycoons are safe. Ye Jianming, a globe-trotting Chinese…

CEFC chairman Ye probed by Chinese authorities, Caixin says

BEIJING, March 1 — Ye Jianming, the founder and chairman of rapidly expanding Chinese conglomerate CEFC China Energy Co, has been investigated by government authorities, domestic media outlet Caixin reported, without saying where it got the…

China’s January new loans surge to record 2.9 trillion yuan, blow past forecasts

BEIJING: China’s banks extended a record 2.9 trillion yuan (US$458.3 billion) in new yuan loans in January, blowing past expectations and nearly five times the previous month as policymakers aim to sustain solid economic growth while reining in debt risks. While Chinese banks tend to front-load loans early in the year to get higher-quality customers […]

UK’s central bank might raise rates earlier than expected

Fundamental outlook     THE Bank of England (BoE) has hinted that it might raise interest rates sooner than expected. The US economy continued to signal inflation growth while Dow markets fell. China showed a decline in trade surplus while other economic indicators stagnated. US services index rose 59.9 in January, the highest in months. Jobless […]

Dow Jones benchmark falls more than 600 points

Fundamental outlook   THE Dow Jones benchmark fell more than 600 points before the weekend as traders fear a rate hike might be coming soon. US indicators point to an inflation pressure before the new Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell comes on board this week. The Chinese yuan advanced as the dollar weakened. US consumer spending […]

Bumper data diary puts dollar, euro in spotlight (VIDEO)

NEW YORK, Jan 29 ­ — If the euro was the star turn as one week closed, it might take centre stage again as another one opens. Data from across the euro zone expected to confirm 2017 as its best year for growth in over a decade. German…

US payroll falls short of expectations

Fundamental outlook     US payroll fell during the year-end season, likely due to the holiday period. However, US manufacturing stayed on its strong growth track. China’s manufacturing and services sector soared. UK’s manufacturing declined but its services and consumer borrowings strengthened. The US ISM manufacturing index rose to 59.6 in December, the highest in three […]

US yields rise in step with Europe as Wall St gains

NEW YORK, Jan 3 — US Treasury yields rose yesterday on strong Wall Street gains and in line with European government yields after a European Central Bank official said the ECB’s massive bond purchase programme may not be continued later this…

Shares across Asia scale decade top on China optimism

SYDNEY: Asian shares scaled a decade peak yesterday after a survey of Chinese manufacturing proved surprisingly upbeat, while the euro lurked within striking distance of its 2017 top against an ailing US dollar. Sentiment was also helped by news that North Korea had offered an olive branch to South Korea, with Kim Jong Un saying […]